Essentials Facts to Help Fight Health Anxiety

The saying ‘know your enemies’ does apply to the fight against health anxiety. Those who learn as much as they can about their conditions stand a better chance in overcoming their anxiety. To start you off on your journey toward better understanding of your issues, below are five essentials facts to take into account.

1. At any given time, an astonishing amount of people go through their lives agonized by this type of anxiety. At its maximum, there are as many as 20% Americans suffering from health anxiety.

2. You know those who are forever suspicious of their health, the people we call hypochondria. Cyberchondria are those who go on Googling their symptoms to actually find grounds for their usually unreal fears.

3. It is unusual for health anxiety to come alone. It is usually comes in package; you may find yourself suffering from social anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, obsessive compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder as well. Chances are also high things might develop into clinical depression.

4. Women tend to fall victim to health anxiety more than men. Scientists however believe that both gender are tormented by this condition only men hardly discuss such matters with their physicians thus the misleading statistic.

5. Most common prescriptions given by doctors are medications like SSRIs. The negative side effects however lead to beliefs of serious illness being generated. Problems with prescribed medication make cognitive and other psychological therapies better choices.

Studying and knowing as much as possible about your difficulties are the best way to find yourself in the journey to overcome anxiety. Informing yourself of all essential facts is definitely the way to go in starting your fight